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Whether your business sector is booming or in decline its never the wrong time to challenge the way you do business, to identify opportunities to develop your market, your team, your supply chain, your IT systems or your suppliers to boost your potential to meet any needs for the future.

At Seaview Business Solutions we build an understanding of your business through collaboration to enable us to guide and support you through a structured process of review, analysis and discovery, aiding the identification of the potential in your people, your products and systems.

With our support this insight can aid unlocking significant potential in your organisation to help it become world beating.

*NEW* Waste Services

Do you have plasterboard waste to dispose of? Seaview Business Solutions offers dry lining contractors and waste companies solutions to their plasterboard waste disposal. We partner with proven providers that support sustainable use of your plasterboard waste, ensuring the gypsum and paper is reused to reduce the drain on our planets resources.


executive & management coaching

Leadership can be lonely furrow and utilising an external coach to help support you or one of your team can aid overcoming bottlenecks, performance issues or self-doubt. learn more...

operational excellence

Our consultants are experienced in reviewing assessing and advising on both industrial and Supply Chain performance. learn more...

change management

This is a particular area of expertise with Seaview staff, who have experience of being involved leading change. learn more...

information technology changes

Have you outgrown your IT systems? Need to change but unsure of which is best? Seaview consultants can help you through this complex process to ensure the investments you make are right for your business. learn more...

case studies

case study #1

Preview: Non-Executive Directors Play Key Role in ABC Ltd's Success

ABC Ltd is a medium-sized manufacturing company in the consumer goods sector that relies on its board of directors, including three non-executive directors, to provide independent oversight and ensure good governance. The NEDs are responsible for monitoring the performance of the executive directors, providing strategic direction, and offering constructive challenge. Through regular meetings, financial reviews, and training programs, the NEDs have demonstrated their commitment to the company's success and helped drive continued growth. This case study explores the role and responsibilities of non-executive directors and how they contribute to the success of ABC Ltd.

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